Learn To Violin

Welcome to Learn To Violin with Miss Jennifer!

Violin lessons are regular, weekly appointments, year-round. Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments, depending on the student’s age, ability, and maturity level. Please contact Jennifer for lesson rates.


Lesson Payment Options:

Weekly: Payment is due at the beginning of each lesson in the form of cash or check made payable to Jennifer Sternick.

Monthly: Payment for all lessons in a month is due at the first lesson of the month in the form of cash or check made payable to Jennifer Sternick.


Learn To Violin Studio Policies:

Please arrive focused, prepared to play your assignments, and ready to learn.

Students are expected to bring the following to each lesson:

  • Violin and Bow (Travels safely in case.)
  • Rosin
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Shoulder Rest or Sponge (If part of your setup.)
  • Violin Method Book(s)
  • Assignment and Practice Record Notebook

Other Considerations:

Please come to violin lessons with clean hands and trimmed fingernails.

Chewing gum, food, or candy is prohibited during any and all violin playing.

If capable, and unless we move for a demonstration or exercise, students are expected to remain standing at the music stand for the duration of each violin lesson.

Cell phones must be silenced during lesson times.

Parents of young students are encouraged to attend lessons; please be mindful and respectful of the violin lesson by avoiding behavior that may distract the student.

Anyone who enters the studio must show respectful behavior to all other people, instruments, equipment, and supplies at all times.

Please be courteous to other students and parents as you enter and leave the studio.

Lesson Cancellation and Make-Up Policies:

Please provide at least 24-hours notice if you need or if your child needs to miss a lesson. A make-up lesson may or may not be available during that particular week.

Cancellation due to any contagious illness is appropriate.

Please provide advanced notice of absence due to planned vacations.

Emergency cancellations due to family/medical/health emergencies, extreme weather, sudden illness, travel accidents, must be made via phone call/voicemail message as soon as possible. Probability for a make-up lesson will be determined and discussed on a case-by-case basis.

At least 24-hours notice will be made to the student or parent should the teacher need to miss a lesson. Every effort will be made to reschedule for another day and time convenient for both teacher and student during that particular week.